September 29, 2023

WAPO: The Fast-growing, Armed Movement that Perceives a Dire Threat to U.S Liberty

East coast elitists are too sophisticated for patriotism, or for recognizing the huge departure from our traditional constitutional values to see clearly what damage has been done over the last twenty years by the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and even George Bush.

The idea that the government is too big and too intrusive escapes them because they are part of the gang that is doing the damage. That includes bureaucrats, elites, academics and Leftists who think that a decree from Washington D.C. should be like an edict from the king. They certainly have no idea what it is like to live in more rural areas or in some of the western states where government mostly is a giant hose sucking dollars back to the federal government, and a faceless school master demanding obedience and silence from the “little” folks in the west.

That also includes the Eastern news organizations such as the national TV networks and newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post which are now nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat party, repeating the party line talking points coming from the White House and the party leadership. Anyone in the western states who questions the attempts by the government to confiscate guns, to indoctrinate school children, or to question Obama’s right to circumvent the congress with unconstitutional regulations is deemed nothing more than a gun crazed, poorly informed bigot and racist.

A long article was included in the Washington Post this past weekend which sought to discredit and demean a leader of a group in Oregon who recognizes the overreach of the federal government and is preparing for the worst as he sees the federal government becoming more and more bold in taking away individual rights of citizens and becoming more militant in its dealings with the people. The article, however, demonstrates how very logical and rational this individual is, and people everywhere should be grateful that there are men such as the one profiled who are willing to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to stand up to the bullies from Washington D.C.

The article is lengthy, but well worth the time to read it. Excerpts are on page 2, but the entire article can be found by going to the link at the bottom of the page:

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