September 29, 2023

DHS Plans To Cut Cell Service, Supreme Court Refuses To Release Details

If you thought people were crazy for thinking the government had a plan to take control of their cell phones, you might want to stop laughing and start listening to those people.

This week, the Supreme Court declined a petition by the Electronic Privacy Information Center regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s Standard Operating Procedure 303. The court ruled that making details about the procedure public would threaten the safety of Americans.

So what is Standard Operating Procedure 303 you ask? Nothing less than the government’s attempt to seize total control over Americans’ mobile phone services.

Under this plan, the feds would be able to shut down entire networks “within a localized area, such as a tunnel or bridge, and within an entire metropolitan area.” The subsequent communications blackout would plunge effected communities into chaos, with neighbors and family members unable to reach their loved ones and make sure they’re not harmed.

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