September 29, 2023

Getting Out of Debt: Make It Your Top Priority

It takes more than food storage and some extra blankets to be properly self-reliant. It’s time to start getting out of debt if you haven’t taken steps already because by the time a catastrophe strikes unexpectedly, it is too late!

From Are We Crazy Or What?:

“Getting out of debt is the number one thing you can do to live a more self-reliant prepared lifestyle!”

In the event of a real, long-term disaster will it matter if you have outstanding debt? Probably current debt will play a large part in determining your quality of life after a collapse, whatever form it takes. Here’s why:

  • Protection: If there is an economic rescession, depression or collapse, owing money or not owing money could be the difference between being able to feed your family or not. You are less vulnerable to lenders if you do not owe them money.
  • Setting An Example: As preppers we think the world would be a little better if more people adapted just a little of our lifestyle. Not everyone has what it takes to go live on a remote piece of property, grow their own food and live off grid. However, getting out of debt is something most people can do if they put their mind to it, especially if they see you doing it. What a great example to set for your own kids and people new to the prepping lifestyle! I know the world would be a better place if more people saw this as an important goal.
  • Being Self-Reliant: Prepping means being ready for anything without significant reliance on other people; to me that means being as self reliant as possible. If you owe money you live a life of dependency, it’s as simple as that.
  • It Takes Money To Prep: It takes money to buy extra food, gear and often it takes money to learn a new skill. The reason for learning and buying these things is to be less dependent. You can not be independent and self-sufficient if you owe money to other people. So buying the stuff that makes you a prepper while not paying down your debt is counterproductive.

It is worth remembering that recession, depression, and collapse situations don’t usually happen all at once or even suddenly. Part of being prepared involves making things as safe and simple for you and your family in times when others are behaving badly due to disaster. Take steps to get free from your debt burden to make your prepping more effective.

Source: Are We Crazy Or What?
Photo: Piggy Bank by Alan Cleaver, on Flickr

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