September 29, 2023 Founder Prepares His Employees for “Financial Armageddon”

Whereas many of our nation’s wealthiest CEOs profit by paying their employees as little as possible,’s CEO and founder Patrick Byrne is going out of his way in order to contribute to his company’s workers. In order to help them survive what he considers an inevitable financial Armageddon,

Byrne has purchased each of his employees 3 months of long term survival food as long as stockpiles of precious metals should the dollar crash to meaningless levels.

While employer provided benefits continue to be a hot — and contentious — topic amongst the public today, Byrne may be providing the most secure safety net for his employees of any national company. While the benefits may not be immediately apparent, when the crash of the dollar occurs, Byrne’s employees will be better prepared.

Ron Paul’s YouTube channel has posted a video regarding Byrne’s endeavors. To see the video, continue to the next page:

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